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  • 初中作文


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    The Spring Festival is very important to Chinese people. In the past,people could not often have meat,rice or other delicious food. They could only eat these during the Spring festival. So every year they hoped that the Spring Festival would come soon. Now, although people‘s life is much better,and we can eat the delicious foods everyday. People still like the festival. Because most people can have a long holiday,and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friends or have parties with our family. In the evenings,we can have a big meal in the restaurant or stay at home with family and watch the TV programmes.

    I like the Spring Festival very much. How wonderful the Spring Festival is!


    I had a good time during this spring festival.thought the weather was very cold,I still went travelling to beijing with my family.

    We got there on feb.13,so we had a big dinner at the hotel on New Year's Eve with strangers over all the city.then,we watched the Spring Festival Gala Evening that night.

    The next day was the beginning of New Year ,it was cold.but we kept a happy mind all day.because we had a chance to Wangfujing Street.As we know,it is the most famous commercial area in Beijing.

    So we went shopping there and bought many presents .what was more,i even ate beijing duck.is was so delicious that we could not forget it·s good taste until we went back home.

    I had a good holiday this time.


    The spring festival is the tradition festival in China.It is the same as the christmas day in the west country,it is welcome the new year.

    It is the day that the families get together.

    The spring festival is usually in the February ,sometimes in January.In the spring festival,every family all paste the lucky inscriptions,they fire the cracker,they eat the dumplings.The day before the new year's first day is the new year's eve,same as the christmas eve,all the families get together to have the new yaar's dinner,wishes each other,talk about the wishes about the new year.Small children will receive the money given to children as a lunar new year gift.


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